Obesity forum condemns Peta’s anti-meat poster

Kim Hookem-Smith
Yahoo Lifestyle11 April 2012

Animal rights charity Peta has come under fire from the National Obesity Forum (NOF) for its latest shock advertising campaign, which blames obesity on meat pies.

An advertising poster erected in Gloucester shows a coffin-shaped meat pie accompanied by the slogan “Not ready to meat your maker? Fight obesity. Go Vegan.”  It has been branded ‘laughable’ by the NOF, who have criticised Peta for making a point out of others’ misfortune.

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Gloucester was reportedly chosen by Peta to display the poster after opening a mortuary this week that can deal with bodies weighing over 50st. Gloucester council insists that it is just one of a number of facilities in the country that can accept such obese bodies. NOF representative Tam Fry slammed the poster as ‘ridiculous’, adding Gloucester does not have as big a problem with obesity as other areas of the UK.

"We want to do all we can to lessen obesity but I do not think it appropriate at all to draw attention to it in this manner," Mr Fry explained.

Peta representative Yvonne Taylor was adamant that the campaign poster carried an important message, showing people a clear link between meat pies and obesity. “The best thing that coffin dodgers can do for their health and to help animals is to go vegan,” she said.

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