You can pet the sheep in cozy building game Tiny Glade

 Tiny Glade featuring in the Future Games Show Gamescom Showcase 2023
Tiny Glade featuring in the Future Games Show Gamescom Showcase 2023

This is your cuteness klaxon, because somehow Tiny Glade, the cosy building game just got more wholesome. You can pet the sheep.

As revealed in a new gameplay trailer for the Future Games Show August Showcase, you can take a little break from your castle creating to pat the dinky sheep and earn yourself a heart in exchange.

These sheep have already gained some notoriety because when you're manipulating terrain in Tiny Glade they'll pop up an umbrella to help themselves glide back to the ground unharmed. Pretty darn adorable.

But that's kind of Tiny Glade's whole thing. It's a relaxing game about building castles essentially by doodling. You can draw paths through walls to create arches, drag fences up into walls, drag curves walls by just mapping them out, make windows bigger or smaller by tugging on them... you get the idea. It's all very tactile.

It's also very chill. There's no combat, no management of people or resources, it's just building. You'll experience different times of day, watch ivy grow up your creations, and those aforementioned sheep waddle around the grounds. You can change the color of walls with a handy swatch too.

It's definitely up there with the likes of Townscaper for the creative zen.

Tiny Glade is coming PC - complete with Steam Deck support - in 2024. You can wishlist it now on Steam to stay updated with all the latest developments.

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