Pet hamster will only eat cheese from Waitrose

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A pet hamster has developed a taste for only the finer things in life, and will now only eat cheese from Waitrose.

The hamster, named Toffee, used to like nibbling on cheese from any supermarket, said his owner Jo Le Page.

But after he had a taste of Waitrose’s Essential Extra Mature British Cheddar, Strength Six, Toffee now turns up his little nose at any other cheesy treat.

Le Page clarified that Toffee only gets cheese as a treat on rare occasions, but he remains quite fussy over which cheese he will deign to eat.

The 40-year-old pre-school worker from Guernsey said: “I know hamsters aren’t supposed to eat much dairy, but a little now and again is fine.

“But after he had some from Waitrose, he turned up his nose at Iceland and Co-op cheese.”

 (Jo Le Page / SWNS)
(Jo Le Page / SWNS)

She said Toffee got a chunk of cheese with an unlit candle in it for his birthday this year and he “grabbed the cheese straight away and started to eat it”.

“People find it hilarious when I tell them,” Le Page said. “He lives a pampered life so he’ll probably live a long time.”

Toffee has lived with Jo and her two children –nine-year-old Grace and five-year-old Isaac, as well as their four guinea pigs – for two years.

Pictures of the beloved pet taken by Jo show him niggling on various food items presented to him on miniature furniture, using miniature plates and teacups.

He even has his own miniature trolley filled with tiny Waitrose items, as well as a miniature kitchen set to play with.

 (Jo Le Page / SWNS)
(Jo Le Page / SWNS)

Cheese aside, the fluffy rodent also enjoys broccoli, green beans, roasted chicken slices and cereal, and prefers Waitrose-branded items most of all.

Le Page said: “When I tell people about his expensive taste, they find it hilarious. Even the ones who don’t like rodents think he’s cute

“Toffee’s story always seems to cheer people up. I get my guinea pig’s salad from Waitrose too, we’re basically keeping the shop in business!”

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