Perrie Edwards just revealed her incred natural freckles and it's next level

Kate Pasola
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Photo credit: Karwai Tang - Getty Images
Photo credit: Karwai Tang - Getty Images

One thing (out of many, many things) that we love about Perrie Edwards and the rest of the Little Mix gals and alumni is their openness, and the way they encourage fans to accept themselves.

Take Jade Thirlwall's clapback to the makeover scene The Princess Diaries - ICYMI she took serious issue with the idea of equating the straightening of curls with beauty, which is an extremely good point. Or there's Jesy Nelson's courage in speaking out about mental health and body image.

Perrie's also done her fair share of dishing up the realness on her grid, from showing off her natural curls to revealing her body scars to showcasing her natural skin texture (i.e. reminding us that pores actually exist...). Oh, she also once sexted her ex's dad but that's another story - feels relevant though?

Anyway, Perrie's latest example of authenticity online is the below snap, which she shared to her Stories today following a particularly sunny weekend in the UK.

The picture's a close-up shot of Perrie's lower face, dotted with super pretty freckles, captioned "freckles be poppin!". Her lips are covered with an animated sticker of cartoon lips, FYI.

Obviously her skin looks absolutely flawless, but I'm also super envious of her sunkissed complexion - she looks like a summery goddess. I'm repurchasing a bottle of Freck as we speak. Also - clock those beaut hoops and that cute cardigan she's wearing. How is she so goddamn cool?

Photo credit: Perrie Edwards - Instagram
Photo credit: Perrie Edwards - Instagram

Anyway, I'm off to perfect my faux freckle technique.

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