The Easiest Thanksgiving Recipes to Make For 2 People

Thanksgiving is all about food, food, food, and more food, but if you're only cooking for two this year, having a table piled high with a feast fit for your extended family and then some isn't always the most logical. And regardless, you can only eat leftovers for so many days. That's why we curated a list of the best Thanksgiving recipes that can be easily tweaked for two. This way you can still enjoy the best flavors of the season, but you don't have to worry about food waste, a fridge that's stuffed to the brim with Tupperware containers containing cold mashed potatoes, and the dreaded food coma right after eating more than you can handle.

If your Thanksgiving gathering is on the smaller side this year, take a look at these delicious recipes that are perfect for pairs. From portion-controlled potatoes to an herb-roasted turkey breast that's easy to make, these recipes are all you need to have a quaint dinner with the one you're most thankful for. Take a look at the best Thanksgiving recipes for two, ahead.

- Additional reporting by Megan duBois


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