A Perfect Pairing fans have all spotted the same thing about Adam Demos

Photo credit: Vince Valitutti/ Netflix - Netflix
Photo credit: Vince Valitutti/ Netflix - Netflix

Netflix's A Perfect Pairing is *just* the summery feel-good rom-com we needed. Starring Adam Demos (you know, of Sex/Life fame) and Victoria Justice, the film follows an LA wine exec (Justice) who travels to Australia to secure a huge deal, unexpectedly bonding with a rugged local (Demos) at the same time.

Thanks to the fact that the movie is literally the perfect rom-com recipe, fans have been very much obsessed with Netflix's latest offering - all saying the same thing about Victoria Justice as Lola, while Adam Demos has spoken out about topless scenes in the film too.

Now, viewers have turned their attention to Adam in his role as farm worker Max Vaughn, and fans are all pointing out the same thing.

Photo credit: Vince Valitutti/ Netflix - Netflix
Photo credit: Vince Valitutti/ Netflix - Netflix

While Adam might feel basically made for his Perfect Pairing role as Aussie farmer/secret romantic Max, fans have just noticed that he's actually starred in a very similar film (and almost identical role) before.

Anyone remember Falling Inn Love? The 2019 Netflix rom-com follows Gabriela Diaz (Christina Milian), who flies from San Francisco to New Zealand after winning a countryside inn. While restoring the property, she meets handsome local, Jake Taylor (Adam Demos), with the pair forging a connection to the backdrop of the Bellbird Valley Farm.

American girl, Aussie/Kiwi man, farms, countryside. Yep, this is all sounding very family. And it hasn't gone unnoticed by fans either.

"Just watched A Perfect Pairing and why is Adam Demos in like two of those rural romance movies?" one viewer tweeted.

"Not Adam Demos playing the same character in Falling Inn Love and A Perfect Pairing," added another, while a third wrote, "So, Adam Demos just made another Falling Inn Love?"

Hey, once you find your niche you run with it, right?

A Perfect Pairing is streaming now on Netflix.

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