Perfect Match's Francesca Farago hits out at show for editing

perfect match's francesca farago hits out at show for editing
Perfect Match's Francesca Farago hits out at showNetflix

We love a good Netflix dating reality show, so, of course, we were obsessed with Perfect Match. The series follows contestants that you might recognise from Love Is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, and The Ultimatum, put through a series of challenge to prove their compatibility with one another.

One of its stars – Francesca Farago – has hit out at Netflix for the way that the show was edited. Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, the Canadian model and content creator revealed, “I am not happy with the way the production edited the show. And the way they portrayed me, to be honest.”

perfect match's francesca farago hits out at show for editing

She might be referring to a certain Perfect Match scene featuring Francesca and Nick Uhlenhuth from The Circle. In it, Francesca was seen rejecting Nick on a staircase, before coupling up with Dom Gabriel from The Mole that evening.

*Spoilers* In later episodes, Francesca chooses to send herself on a date with Damian Powers, despite recently winning a compatibility test with Dom, and later recoupling again with Abbey Humphreys from Twentysomethings.

Francesca is no stranger to reality dating shows, having already made a splash on Too Hot To Handle, among others. However, when she was asked if she had any regrets about doing Perfect Match, she declared that she had, “a lot of regrets”.

perfect match fans in stitches over francesca moment

She continued, “I didn’t have any regrets after filming, but after hearing about the episodes, I had some regrets. The power of editing is real. I let a lot of external factors influence a lot of my decisions and my attitude. If I were to go back, I wouldn’t let that happen, and I would be my real self."

While it's not clear *exactly* what Francesca is referring to, perhaps things felt like they played out differently while it was happening.

We have reached out to Netflix for comment.

If you haven’t watched it yet, Perfect Match is available on Netflix now

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