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Earn 'favourite child' status with this home beer machine for Father's Day

Give your dad the chance to serve pub quality beer from the comfort of his own home.

(PerfectDraft / Yahoo Life UK)
Take it from me — this is a beer lover's dream come true. (PerfectDraft / Yahoo Life UK)

Like lots of people, I love to entertain. And like lots of people, I appreciate a good drink. So, a couple of years ago I decided to act on those two interests of mine and get myself what's been dubbed as the "ultimate home bar experience" — a PerfectDraft Keg Machine.

With hundreds of five-star reviews from shoppers, it has been described as serving "pub quality" beer from the comfort of your own home, with some users even claiming it has made their "world complete".

And so, with Father's Day fast approaching, I figured there wasn't a more appropriate time to rave about it. Not just because I have the machine myself, but because I got my dad one, too. And let's just say, I've never seen a happier man.

Plus, PerfectDraft is currently offering major discounts across its range, with bundles starting from as little as £189 (they usually cost anywhere between £290 and £390).

🛍️ Product reviewed: PerfectDraft Keg Machine
Tested for: Two and a half years
Rating: 4/5
💸 Reasons to buy: Serves "pub quality" beer in the comfort of your own home, great for entertaining
Reasons to avoid: It's big in size, can be a little noisy, kegs can take a while to cool down
💰 Best deal we've found: The PerfectDraft Keg Machine is currently on offer directly from PerfectDraft as part of a bundle, with prices starting from for £189 (worth £294.90)

Arguably the perfect gift for your beer-loving dad this Father's Day, the PerfectDraft Keg Machine is available to purchase in bundles with select beer kegs and glasses. 

£189 at PerfectDraft

So, if you're looking to take the plunge and invest in this shiny, chrome-finish beer machine, then here's what you need to know — from someone who's been pouring pints from the comfort of their own home for the past two and a half years (admittedly with some help from their beer-obsessed other half)...

First off, it's an impressive piece of kit. The gadget itself is very well-thought-out, and features an LED front display which shows you the beer's exact temperature and volume, a removable, customisable tap, and compact keg system.

It genuinely pours pub quality pints of beer. That's all the way from providing the optimal drinking temperature, to the perfect carbonation, finest head, and freshest flavour. So, actually, it might even taste better than the beer served at your local.

(Yahoo Life UK)
My PerfectDraft always comes out when I'm hosting. (Yahoo Life UK)
(Yahoo Life UK)
As well as classics like Stella Artois, Corona and Brewdog, PerfectDraft also stock independent breweries and unique styles of beer. (Yahoo Life UK)

£174 £320.90 at PerfectDraft Browse all PerfectDraft bundles on sale Browse all PerfectDraft keg options

Then there's the choice in kegs. Admittedly, there's a little less choice in kegs compared to when the PerfectDraft first hit the market, but even so there's still plenty to choose from.

Whether you're an IPA drinker or a big fan of a classic lager, there's around 41 available to buy online, including non-alcoholic options. Prices start from £27.50 for a six-litre keg, and you can also find some options stocked in select Asda stores, too.

Another great bonus is that you can customise your machine. Pretty much a blank canvas, you can zhush it up by adding a selection of stickers, purchasing different tap handles or buying branded glasses.

Not just a treat for dedicated beer fans, this is also a great investment for those who fancy dipping their toes into the world of hops (which, let me tell you, is vast).

Perhaps the biggest bugbear of mine with this is the sheer size of it. Understandably, this machine needs to hold six-litre kegs of beers, which means it's pretty large as far as countertop kitchen gadgets go.

It can also be a little noisy at times. Once the kegs are inside, the PerfectDraft has to keep them at optimal drinking temperature, and it's during this process that the machine goes through periods of making what I can only describe as a "grumble".

(Yahoo Life UK)
It's like bringing the pub to the comfort of your own home, but without the sticky floor and murky glasses. (Yahoo Life UK)

Another thing to note is that the kegs can take up to 12 hours to cool down. A little trick I've learnt over the course of owning my machine is to stick the kegs outside (providing it's cold, which, in the UK, is 99% of the time). This way the kegs cool down a lot quicker, and don't take as long to reach optimum temperature when installed into the machine.

The PerfectDraft Keg Machine is currently on offer directly from PerfectDraft's website as part of a bundle sale, with prices starting from £189 (reduced from £294.90).

With savings of up to £110, this really is a deal too good to miss.

Want to stock up on beer ahead of gifting? You can also get 10% off on selected kegs when you buy three or more, and you can even build your own keg subscription.

A brilliant purchase for Father's Day — for whoever you're buying for — I can wholeheartedly say it's worth the plunge.

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