Perfect Christmas gift? For £945 this Tiffany & Co tin can could be yours

Sarah Young

If you’re looking to pimp up your home or start Christmas shopping early – and have a spare few thousand pounds to burn – then Tiffany & Co. might have the perfect solution.

Unveiling its new - and ridiculously overpriced - home collection, the brand has launched a range of characteristically chic accessories that Tiffany describes as “ordinary objects made extraordinary.”

Which is an understatement to say the least.

The £945 tin is perfect for putting pens in pencils in, we suppose, but you could get a cheaper version that'd save you £944

Aside from the classic pieces one would expect to see from the luxury retailer – think sterling silver candlesticks and crystal glassware – there are a whole host of kitschy objects that raise a few eyebrows.

Among our favourites is a set of two signature blue bone china cups - designed to look like throwaway paper coffee cups - that will set you back a whopping $95 (£72), and a sterling silver 'tin can' for £945.

If you’re in the possession of the cash, you could even pick up a $10,000 (£7,634) sterling silver bird’s nest filled with porcelain eggs, a $9,000 (£6,871) sterling silver ball of yarn and a set of leather, walnut, and silver ping-pong paddles for $650 ($496).

Or, just what everybody needs, a $330 (£251) crazy straw.

As ridiculous at the exorbitant collection might sound, it’s certainly proving a hit among Tiffany fans who are taking to Twitter in droves to express their excitement.