Percy Pig Rocky Road Bites Just Landed In M&S!

Bobbie Edsor
·2-min read
Photo credit: Marks & Spencer / _well_this_is_new)
Photo credit: Marks & Spencer / _well_this_is_new)

From Delish

M&S just released a brand-new sharing tub of Percy Pig Mini Bites and we’re low-key confused why we are not stuffing them in our face right this second.

The bites are made with Percy Pigs, marshmallows, puffed rice, fruity jelly pieces and white chocolate all in a cutesie square mouthful. Basically, it’s Percy Pig rocky road and our bodies are SO READY.

Percy’s having one heck of a year (aren’t we all, Perc?) with giant 1kg tubs of the sweets now available, plus the new Percy Pig Pies for Christmas, Percy Pig Phizzy Pop, Percy Pig Ice Cream AND Percy Pig Dessert Sauce. Honestly, at this point, Percy is approaching Kardashian levels of self-promotion. No judgement. Get that money, honey! 💸

The bites are already attracting some serious attention on social media. Despite Percy’s new chocolatey makeover, he’s still his fruity self, according to sweetreviewsuk: “As soon as you open the pot you are hit with the signature Percy Pig aroma! The flavour is even better, the puffed rice gives the perfect crunchy texture and alongside the soft chewy marshmallows and fruit pieces they make the best mini bites.”

M&S is pretty famous for its tubs of mini Swiss rolls, rocky road, flapjacks and more – so this new delicious cross-over between sharing tubs and Percy Pig sweets is low-key one of the most on-brand moves ever. Congrats, M&S. You have won… Both the supermarket game and our hearts.

The white chocolate bites are launching in store today. Yep. Right this second. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GET A WIGGLE ON.

If Percy Pig is your total Man Crush Monday (not in a weird way… Don't make it weird...), check out this Percy Pig Cheesecake made with white chocolate and raspberry coulis. It’s kinda spectacular.

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