Percy Pig Gets A Whole New Look For Christmas

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Photo credit: Marks and Spencer
Photo credit: Marks and Spencer

It's pretty much become common knowledge now that us Delish lot love a Percy Pig. And no — we're not just talking about the fruit-flavoured gummy pigs, we're talking about the Celebration Cakes, Ice Cube Trays, Potato Shapes and even Hot Chocolate Bombs inspired by the said sweetie. So, you can imagine how we responded to discovering that Marks & Spencer had decided to relaunch its signature Percy Pig Advent Calendars for 2022 (yep — we were bursting with excitement).

Complete with a new design, and featuring a Percy Pig chocolate behind each door along with a bag of the signature sweets on Christmas, the advent cal has been spotted in M&S stores now, and we have a feeling it's going to fly off the shelves.

First brought to our attention by Snack News & Reviews on Facebook, fans have been going wild for the returning advent, with one person commenting, "I want one of these," and another tagging a friend and saying, "pretty please!"

Love all of this Christmas hype as much as we do? Joining Marks & Spencer's Percy Pig Advent Calendar, the retailer has also launched a 24 Biscuits 'Til Christmas Advent Calendar! We're talking about a 24 vanilla, honeycomb and clementine biscuit creams, all lovingly presented in a classic advent.

We don't know about you, but a trip to our nearest Marks & Spencer is definitely on the cards this week... See you there?