People are trying to work out the hidden meaning behind Orlando's comment on Katy's recent post

Daniella Scott
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When it comes to being adorable on social media, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom know exactly what they're doing. From her trolling him while he was presenting an award, to their surprisingly adorable spot selfie, these two know how to work an Instagram crowd and we love every minute of it. Which is why people have got very invested in trying to work out the hidden meaning behind a comment he left on one of her recent Instagram posts.

Before you begin your investigation, here's the context. Katy is currently starring as a judge on American Idol and people are absolutely loving the huge variety of looks she's turning out each week, each one as stunning as the last.

In the latest instalment of the show she posted her look on Instagram, channelling the hair and leopard print from her 2013 Roar era, along with the caption, "roaring into the top 16 with 馃悊 vibes tonight".

While the majority of the comment section was filled with people praising the look, Orlando's unusual comment really stood out: "baby, we're all out of oat milk."

The comment, which currently has roughly 5k likes, has left fans feeling just a little bit confused, with lots of them really keen to get to the bottom of the inside joke.

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Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

We can only presume it has to do with Orlando's notoriously elaborate breakfast and morning routine...

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