People On TikTok Swear That Putting Cereal In The Freezer Makes It Taste Better

Kelly Allen

From Delish

Have you ever thought about putting your cereal in the freezer? Well, people on TikTok are doing that and they swear it makes it taste better.

The concept takes barely any effort but a decent amount of patience: All you have to do is pour a bowl of cereal, and place it in the freezer. You’re supposed to leave it in there for a period of time (how long is up to your discretion, because no one specifies for how long). Once you think it’s cold, take it out, pour milk in, and enjoy. The cold, crunchy cereal paired with the icy bowl will make for a super cool — and supposedly better tasting — breakfast.

A lot of people tried this freezer hack with Cheerios, but any cereal you want should suffice. In the comments of the cereal freezer videos, people asked for all of the details about the taste. On TikToker @acebking’s video, the user responded to commenters saying the cereal tasted like “elsa blasted a snow thingy in my mouf.” One person chimed in to share that their sensitive teeth would not be able to participate.

If you try this and can never go back to eating cereal that’s not super cold again, you could store your cereal in containers in the freezer. But then you’d lose the chilled bowl, which seems to be half of the reason the cereal tastes better. It's a trial and error situation, I guess! You live and you learn, etc., etc.

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