People On TikTok Are Putting Mustard On Their Watermelon, And This Is What It Tastes Like

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Another day, another random food trend taking over the depths of the internet. This time, that trend involves watermelon and mustard, so it's safe to say we've all officially lost our marbles. It all went down on TikTok as some of the best chaos does and even Lizzo went ahead and tried it out so, of course, we had to try it too. we'd follow Lizzo into the dark after all.

Lizzo went ahead and duetted a video from TikTok user @yayayayummy and tried the trend out for herself. "Welcome to is it bussin' or is it disgusting?" she said in the clip. Although @yayayayummy said that using French's yellow mustard was the key to the combo, Lizzo used a Heinz yellow mustard instead. After she took a bite she looked perplexed and went in for a second bite, although she never gave an official verdict on the taste. This is why it was up to us to find out for ourselves.

Photo credit: Alexis Morillo
Photo credit: Alexis Morillo

Lucky for you, dear reader, we had a huge watermelon at home waiting to be cut into and a big bottle of French's yellow mustard for the upcoming BBQ season. So, we did it - we smothered a watermelon slice with mustard and bit into it.

And we kind of liked it. It tasted really good in the weirdest of ways. The vinegar from the mustard mixed with the sweet, juicy watermelon counterbalanced each other which we weren't expecting.

Our final thoughts are that watermelon and mustard make a surprisingly good duo. we wouldn't necessarily go out of our way to grab a bottle of mustard to pair with our melon all the time, but if they're next to each other on my next barbecue spread... why not?

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