People On TikTok Are Making McDonald’s McFlurries Into Cakes Using Just One Ingredient

Anna Lewis
·2-min read

From Delish

A McDonald’s McFlurry is a thing of beauty. The swirls and whirls of soft vanilla ice cream, the drizzle of sauce and the folds of crunchy chocolate bits. It’s simply perfect.

So, when we saw that people on TikTok have been turning McFlurries into cakes, we didn’t know what to think. Is it genius or is it just downright sacrilege?

The way people have been doing this is by simply adding self-raising flour to the McFlurry and microwaving it (in a microwavable bowl, of course).

There have been mixed emotions on TikTok to this new food hack. When @heyitsamess shared a video of her making it, it was met with one person saying, “Omg I need to do this!!” While another simply said, “That can't be good.”

In her video, @heyitsamess aka Amy, said: “I've just seen Emily Canham's new post. She basically microwaved a McFlurry and turned it into a cake, so of course I've got to give it a go," she said.

“So, I've laid out 77g of self-raising flour and I've got a Malteasers McFlurry exactly the same as her.

“I've added it in, I'm just going to give it a little stir around, but I definitely need two hands to do that. Giving it a good old mix. I've only added about half of the batter in, and I've popped it in the microwave for two minutes.

She finished the video by exclaiming, “Oh my gosh it actually worked. Oh my god that is so nice.”

We guess there’s only one way to find out if we’re into it or not…

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