People On TikTok Are Making Butter Candles And We're Obsessed

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People On TikTok Are Making Butter Candles And We're Obsessed

TikTok can be a pretty bizarre place, filled with tips and tricks, cracking recipes and tons of super satisfying ASMR videos. But we've just discovered something that'll top all of that, and it's a how to video on making butter candles.

You heard me! People on TikTok have come up with a new way to make butter 1,000 times more exciting, and that's by rolling it into a candle and finishing it with an edible wick.

Giving a whole new meaning to the phrase 'melted butter', these butter candles make the perfect dipping vessels when melted slightly and paired with a big chunk of crusty bread.

So, who can you thank for this genius trend? Posted in late December, TikToker @sooziethefoodie uploaded a step-by-step tutorial on making the candles, which has now gathered over 2.1 million views along with 162,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

And they couldn't be easier to make. Simply take your rectangle of butter, wrap it in cling film, squash down and flatten, before placing an edible wick in the middle and rolling into a candle shape. And there you have it, your very own butter candle. It's the little things, right?

@sooziethefoodie's video has been well received with hundreds of comments from fans loving the fun idea. One person said, "doing this so I can be bougie af," while another commented, "making this tmro goodbye."

@sooziethefoodie even posted an earlier video showing steak dipped in a bone marrow butter candle!

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