People on TikTok are filming themselves reacting to the shower scene in Sex/Life

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

When was the last time you were shocked by something? As in, truly, properly taken aback with complete and utter disbelief? If you've watched Netflix's Sex/Life it was probably at 19 minutes and 50 seconds into episode three, when we're given a flash of a truly colossal penis. Shocking doesn't even describe it. It turns out that viewers were so rattled by the giant penis that many of them have been filming their reactions to seeing it for the first time on TikTok, and the results are incredible.

For a little bit of background (because what's a lot of penis without a bit of plot?) the series centres around suburban mother of two Billie (Sarah Shahi), who becomes part of a messy and impossibly sex-filled love triangle between her husband Cooper (Mike Vogel) and ex-boyfriend Brad (Adam Demos).

During the scene in question, wracked with insecurity Cooper follows Brad to the gym in order to size-up the competition. He then tails him to the shower and - engaging in some pretty terrible gym etiquette - has a good old look at Brad's naked body, including his absolutely ginormous monster penis (technical term, I believe).

The bad news is, if you've seen it you're probably already having nightmares (wait until you find out the penis is real). The good news is that people filming their reactions to said penis will have you cackling in no time.

At least now we know why the weather has been so bad recently. Something is blocking the sun...

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