People think 'Fake Melania Trump' is back

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor
People think ‘Fake Melania Trump’ is back. Photo: Getty Images

The conspiracy theory that has people all over the internet convinced Melania Trump uses a body double is back.

The First Lady, along with her husband, 72-year-old Donald Trump, visited Alabama on Friday after the area was recently devastated by a tornado.

As soon as they got off the plane, the internet lit up with people tweeting about the return of ‘Fake Melania’.

It became so big that the hashtag #FakeMelania started trending, with people giving their two cents on why they think the real Melania has a body double to fill in for her.

The whole conspiracy theory started in 2017, gained traction from there and hasn’t gone away since. Photo: Getty Images

The whole conspiracy theory started back in 2017 and hasn’t gone away since.

In July last year, photos showing Melania and her husband exiting Air Force One in Brussels went viral online, mainly because people thought ‘Fake Melania’ was out in force.

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The First Lady has done nothing to dispel the rumours, rarely speaking to the press and donning dark glasses on many occasions so her eyes are shielded.

Conspiracy and extraterrestrial life expert Mary Rodwell previously told Yahoo Lifestyle the possibility of Melania actually having a body double isn’t too far of a stretch.

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“Anything is possible, probably even more than we think is possible,” Mary said.

“There is a lot of evidence to show they (the government) have been cloning humans for a number of years.”

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“So the possibility of replacing someone with a clone double is more than likely.”

Check out some of the best tweets below:

Melania’s supposed ‘body double’ wasn’t the only reason she hit headlines last year.

Her controversial “I don’t care, do you?” jacket proved one of the biggest fashion stories of 2018.