People Are Talking About Lee Mack's New 'Gameshow' – But Absolutely Nothing Was As It Seemed

Lee Mack hosting the fictional gameshow 3 By 3
Lee Mack hosting the fictional gameshow 3 By 3

Lee Mack hosting the fictional gameshow 3 By 3

Lee Mack’s new “gameshow” has been causing quite the stir online.

On Thursday, the comedian was seen hosting a new general knowledge quiz 3 By 3 on BBC Two, which pitted three teams of three players against each other to win a big cash prize.

But things took a dark turn when one of the contestants got trapped in a sound-proof box and before her head exploded.

Of course, nothing was actually as it seemed – although that might not perhaps have been clear to the casual viewer throughout the majority of the show.

3 By 3 – fronted by The 1% Club presenter Lee – was actually the latest installment in the dark comedy anthology series Inside No. 9, which usually stars creators Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton.

The fifth episode of the current series was billed as a Hold On Tight, and was supposedly due to be set on a bus.

However, prior to the episode airing in its usual Thursday evening slot, the announcer told viewers there had been a change to the schedule, with 3 By 3 airing in its place.

While some fans clearly picked up on the fact the “gameshow” was not real and guessed they were watching a disguised episode of Inside No. 9, others had not.

After the contestant’s head exploded, the Inside No. 9 credits rolled, letting everyone in on the secret – sparking much conversation (and some confusion) online...

Inside No. 9 continues on Thursday at 10pm on BBC Two, with previous episodes available on iPlayer.