People have spotted something hilarious about the boys in the MAFS UK reunion

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Photo credit: Channel 4
Photo credit: Channel 4

The Married at First Sight UK Reunion Show was complete and utter wall-to-wall drama. We could have watched an entire episode of just awkward aggy eye rolling. We also found our new favourite person from the show and Twitter was set alight by Luke's bite-back comment to Morag, that the whole thing had just been "a game" to her. But in and amongst the scandal there was one hilarious moment between the boys that fans couldn't stop cracking up over.

It all started when four of the boys sat together on the sofa to chat through their *somewhat* dramatic experience on the show. Ant, Luke, Adam and Robert were all squeezed onto what is clearly not a four-person sofa and in that snug little line up, viewers suddenly realised they bore an uncanny resemblance to another group of white-shirted lads. And just like that Twitter came into its own.

I mean, once you see it... This whole group is just waiting for Louis Walsh to appear and call them "the total package". Has anyone given him a call?

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