People are saying Kim Kardashian's living room has major creepy dystopian vibes

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Photo credit: Kim Kardashian - Instagram
Photo credit: Kim Kardashian - Instagram

Hello and welcome to another instalment of Kardashians doing strange things to their houses. Previously we've had Kim's tampon-esque Christmas decorations, Kourtney's bathroom gaffe and Kylie's shower pressure (yes, really). Well, now it's Kim's living room that's coming under scrutiny after she posted a picture of the space on Instagram and fans quickly started saying that it looks "empty" and "depressing".

We first saw inside Kim's minimalist home back in February 2020 when she and Kanye opened their doors for Architectural Digest. Back then the home got quite the reaction from fans, with both very positive and very negative reviews, but never ambivalent ones. Now, Kim has given fans an even closer look inside her home, sharing a picture of her living room on Instagram, and as expected fans have just a few thoughts.

The room, like the rest of the house, features neutral colours and minimal furniture along with one very particular piece of artwork and a plain stone fire place. Kim posted the image along with the caption, "My fave room in my house," and the fan reactions quickly started rolling in.

One person asked, "Babe did you just move in?" and another said, "Where’s all your stuff though. Lol," and someone else commented, "Looks like the recovery room of a dystopian wellness spa."

Other comments ranged from, "gives me minimalistic neutral beetle juice vibes," to "Actually this disturbs me not sure why." As well as a couple of thoughts about the artwork on the wall above the fireplace which some fans felt gave off a bit of a demonic, "wolverine" vibe.

Minimalistic, neutral, Beetle Juice, Wolverine decor might be the least Kardashian thing we've ever heard of...?

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