People have really had it with one Sex Education character

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

If, like us, you spent the weekend binging the new series of Sex Education, you're probably feeling a lot of feelings right now; endless love for Ruby, fury over Hope's new regime and concern for Steve and Aimee's goat. But one thing fans can definitely all agree on, is that they're really running out of patience with Otis. In fact, Twitter is really turning on the character following his behaviour in season 3. Spoilers below (you've been warned).

When series 3 of Sex Education first landed on Netflix last week (September 17) we all couldn't wait to see where things would go, after all, season 2 ended on a huge cliffhanger. Otis declared his love for Maeve in a voicemail that Isaac deleted, he's also had a drunken one night stand with Ruby, plus Eric and Adam were going places, and very adorable places at that.

As soon as season 3 started we were surprisingly obsessed with Otis and Ruby getting together and after we all got to know the popular girl of Moordale a little more during the first three episodes we fell head over heels. That's Queen Rubes, to you.

There's just one problem. Otis. The way things happened between him and Ruby has really rubbed viewers up the wrong way, now that we're all Ruby loyalists, that is.

It probably doesn't help that we didn't see a lot of Maeve and Otis together at the beginning of the season, but it turns out we're that fickle, since we moved on to Ruby and Otis pretty quickly. Now give us series 4, please.

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