People are pointing out a major flaw in this year's Love Island

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Can you believe we started this year's season of Love Island thinking this wasn't a very dramatic bunch? How wrong we were. We've had all sorts of twists and turns, from one of the most outrageous Casa Amors we've ever seen to that "tragic" comment from Hugo. It\s certainly been a wild ride so far. However, according to fans there's been one major flaw the whole way through the 2021 season of Love Island, and tbh, they've got a point.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic all the Islanders were required to quarantine before entering the Mallorcan villa, something the OG Islanders did back in June. However as of mid-July rules for travellers returning to the UK changed and contestants had to quarantine for 10 days following their dumping from the villa.

Of course, we all want to keep each other safe so requiring a quarantine based on travel is totally reasonable, but to many fans, this kind of makes the whistle-stop visits of some of the cast, including Shannon Singh, Chuggs Wallis and Georgia Townend - all voted out after a few days and in some cases just 48 hours - just *slightly* too brutal.

Last night bombshells Priya Gopaldas and Brett Staniland were the latest pair of newbies to be dumped from the villa, pr0mpting fans to ask, was it even worth it...?

I mean, that is quite a lot of quarantine for not a huge amount of holiday. Did they even have time for an airport pint?

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