People are not happy with the trailer for Netflix's Persuasion adaptation

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

When Netflix revealed that it was planning an adaptation of Persuasion starring Dakota Johnson and Henry Golding we were pretty much all already sold. It was right after the second season of Bridgerton had come to an end and we were exclusively interested in period drama. Well, the tides have slightly shifted and following the release of the first Persuasion trailer the project is facing backlash.

Netflix's adaptation of the Jane Austen classic was touted as sticking close to the original novel with an added "modern, witty approach" to the story. So far, so good. However, late last night the streamer released the first full length trailer and was met with a pretty full-on backlash to the whole thing.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

The first thing to know is that this backlash is nuanced. People seem to have a lot of issues with the film, from the accents to the writing credits, but a lot of them boil down to the 'fleabag-ification' of the story. Essentially, in the trailer it's clear that Johnson's character Anne Elliot breaks the fourth wall, talking to the camera about the goings on between her and the other characters.

For many fans of the original work, and other previous adaptation this felt like too much of a departure from the Persuasion they know and love.

Meanwhile, others were pretty entertained by the moment where they credited Jane Austen in a kind of... odd way.

However, others pointed out that while the whole thing is obviously up for discussion - it's entertainment after all - there's a reason why Netflix adapted the story and didn't just re-release an older version, it was always going to be a newer spin, and as with any remake, artistic license always gets a look in.

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