People Are Making Prosecco Sorbet Cocktails On TikTok And They Look Incredible

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It's only Tuesday and you betcha we're already thinking about the weekend. And more importantly, what we'll be drinking at the weekend (have you seen the weather forecast? It's going to be HOT).

And who better to turn to than the genius people of TikTok for drinks ideas? Introducing Prosecco Sorbet Cocktails. It's the simple things in life, right?

All you need is a wine glass, some ice, a tub of sorbet and a bottle of your favourite Prosecco. And it really is as easy as it sounds, fill your glass with ice along with a couple scoops of sorbet, and top up with Prosecco.

Et voila! You've got yourself the most gorgeous summer drink. You're welcome...

Alas, we can't take credit for this super-simple hack. In fact, it was all down to one genius influencer, Travel_laa, who shared a video to her TikTok.

Her video has now reached over 500,000 views and has 17,000 likes. Yep! It's fair to say we're not the only ones obsessing over this...

So guys, who's about to run to their local supermarket and pick up some raspberry sorbet? See ya there!

More interested in a chocolate-heavy cocktail? Then you'll probably prefer this Kinder Bueno Cocktail. Yes, Kinder Bueno. It went viral on TikTok a couple of months ago, but it's still gaining views! Have a look for yourself.

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