People Are Making Percy Pig McFlurries But There’s More To Them Than Meets The Eye

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Photo credit: @melika_zaidi
Photo credit: @melika_zaidi

A few weeks ago, we found out that a very special McDonald’s McFlurry exists: a Biscoff McFlurry! Can you imagine anything more delicious than the creamy swirliness of a McDonald’s McFlurry with Biscoff pieces all up in it? Well maybe actually…

How does a Percy Pig McFlurry sound to you? Pretty great, right? Well, the great news is, Percy Pig McFlurries are actually very easy to make. We know this thanks to @melika_zaidi on TikTok who shared a video of her making one recently, and it’s not just a simple as smooshing a load of Percy Pig sweets into a McFlurry. Well, not quite as simple as that, but not miles off, tbh…

First up, she orders a plain McFlurry at her local McDonald’s Drive-Thru then adds a ton of Marks And Spencer’s Percy Pig Dessert Sauce before chucking not one, but TWO types of Percy Pig sweets into the mix: Original Percy Pigs and – now here comes the magic – Phizzy Percy Pig Tails! Et voila: there you have a super-sweet, super-tasty Percy Pig McFlurry!

Now if we can just get McDonald’s to team up with M&S and add this to the menu, it would save us having to always have Percy Pig Dessert sauce and sweets in the glove compartment…

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