People Are Making Oreo Sushi On TikTok And We Can’t Decide How We Feel About It

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Oreos might just be the best biscuits out there. Yes, we do love cookies. And we most definitely have a soft spot for anything by McVitie’s. But you must admit, Oreos just hit different.

So, any time we see Oreos being used in a recipe, we get all riled up. Oreo cheesecake is probably our favourite way of using Oreos that isn’t just stuffing 10 in our mouths at once. But Oreo brownies are pretty damn great too.

But what would you say if we told you people on TikTok have been making Oreo sushi? Would you be into that or not so much? Don’t worry – there’s no raw fish involved…

We first heard about Oreo sushi when @siennasweets_ shared a TikTok showing her making the sweet treat.

First up, she separates the Oreos and scrapes out the creamy middle. She then crushes the biscuits and adds a splash of milk – just enough to give them a squishy, slightly wet consistency. Next up, it’s time to put the biscuit crumbs and milk mixture between two sheets of cling film before rolling it out flat. She then gets the Oreo cream layer on there before rolling it up like sushi. You have to admit that once it’s sliced and dipped into chocolate sauce it really does look like sushi!

So, this does look fun, but we – and people on TikTok – are just wondering if it’s more hassle than it’s worth? Like, surely, you’d get the same flavour if you just dipped an Oreo in some chocolate sauce?

Anyway, you decide if you fancy making Oreo sushi or not – we’re not the boss of you.

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