People Are Making Cloud Bread Pizzas On TikTok And They Look So Darn Delicious

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Remember a few months ago when TikTok was alive with the sound of people making cloud bread? It’s that super-light, super-fluffy bread that only needs three ingredients to make.

Well, we probably should have seen it morphing into something new back then, but here we are – ready to explain to you what cloud bread pizzas are.

Tons of people have taken to TikTok to show off their cloud bread pizzas, and we’re into it.

Basically, a cloud bread pizza base is made the same way as cloud bread – by whipping egg whites with sugar and cornflour. The mixture is then spread out onto a baking sheet in a rough pizza shape before being baked. Then it’s up to you what goes on your light-as-air pizza base. Tomato and cheese, natch, but then the rest is up to you. Then the pizza, with all your toppings, goes back into the oven.

*chef’s kiss*

People are raving about this light version of a pizza because it contains fewer calories than your traditional pizza base, so if that’s something you’re into, this might just be the pizza for you!

So, what do you reckon – will you give these cloud bread pizzas a go?

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