People Are Making Biscoff Iced Lattes And They Look Outrageous

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It’s officially iced coffee weather! Saying that, we’ve had plenty of iced lattes during blizzards and thunderstorms, we love them that much.

But anyway, yeah, this heatwave is making us crave iced coffees even more than usual. We like regular iced coffees, but boy do we like flavoured iced coffees. So, when we found out that people have been making Lotus Biscoff iced lattes, we were very, very, VERY excited.

After Tyla drew our attention to these outrageously delicious coffees, we ran out to the shops to make sure we had everything we need to make one ourselves.

They are plenty of different ways of making yourself a Biscoff iced coffee, but we like @7amcoffeeclub’s simple take on it.

All you have to do is take a big ol’ scoop of Biscoff spread and mix it with your shot of coffee. The hot coffee will help melt the Biscoff spread, making it easy to mix in. Then simply load up your favourite posh iced coffee glass with loads of ice and ice-cold milk (we bet almond milk would make a nice dairy-free addition), then pour in your Biscoff and coffee mix. Et voila!

If you are in the mood for something a little more fancy-pants, there’s no reason you can’t top your coffee with whipped cream and Biscoff biscuit crumbs, right?

The dream!

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