People Are Making Biscoff Hot Chocolate And We Are So Here For It

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People Are Making Biscoff Hot Chocolate And We Are So Here For It

What is it about hot chocolate that’s just so comforting? Especially when the weather’s getting a little on the chillier side, like it is now. Seriously, autumn and hot chocolate just go together so well, am I right?!

There are so many hot chocolates out there we’re just bonkers for: Nutella hot chocolate, Percy Pig hot chocolate, white hot chocolate, Terry’s Chocolate Orange hot chocolate, Reese’s hot chocolate… the list goes on. But the latest version of our favourite hot beverage (sorry, tea and coffee – we still love you) that’s got us all riled up is Biscoff hot chocolate. Like, why the hell have we never thought of this?

People on social media have been making this indulgent hot chocolate and we want in on the action too. Our good pal @poppycooks shared a video on TikTok and it’s safe to say, everyone was loving it in the comments section.

To make her version of the drink, Poppy simply mixes a big old spoonful of Lotus Biscoff spread with oat milk, which Poppy’s warmed up. She then piles on the whipped cream and away she goes!

Now, technically this isn’t actually hot chocolate as such as there’s no chocolate in it… but there’s no reason you couldn’t add a spoonful to a hot chocolate if you’re missing the chocolate element.

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