People Are Loving This Guy's Shepherd's Pie-Stuffed Yorkshire Puddings!

Marianna Gould
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Hybrid recipes are sort of our thing (lasagne-stuffed courgettes, banoffee brioche bread and butter pudding etc etc). So, as soon as we discovered this home cook's recipe for shepherd's pie-stuffed Yorkshire puddings, we just had to let you guys know.

Spotted on Reddit, the home cook has been told that he "deserves a knighthood," after creating what can only be described as one hell of an innovative Yorkshire pudding recipe.

And let's just say, we're getting in touch with the Queen right now...

Photo credit: u/terrymcginnisbeyond
Photo credit: u/terrymcginnisbeyond

To make the shepherd's pie filling, first he adds diced onion and crushed garlic to a pan and cooks them until they're soft. He then adds the lamb mince and cooks thoroughly. Then, it's time for him to add a squirt of tomato paste, along with salt, pepper, and a little cayenne pepper. After that, he adds a few lashings of Worcestershire sauce and some drops of vinegar. Once mixed, red wine, lamb stock, two bay leaves, peas, carrots and some cornflour get added and the whole lot is left to reduce.

To make the mash, he uses Maris Piper potatoes, which he boils until tender.

He says, "Add a splash of whole milk, two spoonfuls of Rodda's clotted cream, the sharpest strongest cheddar you can find, (min. strength 5) and a heaped teaspoon of mustard powder."

Photo credit: u/terrymcginnisbeyond
Photo credit: u/terrymcginnisbeyond

And finally for the Yorkshire puddings (store-bought or homemade) he says, "Ladle in the meat sauce."

He recommends using a sandwich bag and cutting off the corner, to create a make-shift piping bag and filling with the mash ready to squeeze on top. Once assembled, he simply places the Yorkshires in a pre-heated 180ºC oven until the topping turns brown. Et voila!

Photo credit: u/terrymcginnisbeyond
Photo credit: u/terrymcginnisbeyond

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