People are loving ASOS' response to the typo printed on 17,000 bags

People are loving ASOS’ reaction to their bag typo [Photo: Twitter/ASOS]

Everyone makes mistakes, even huge brands like ASOS. But as the online fashion retailer is expertly demonstrating it’s how you deal with them that counts.

When ASOS accidentally printed 17,000 of their packaging bags with a typo, they could have quite easily kept quiet about the error and crossed their fingers that no one would notice and write a snarky comment on social media. (As if?!)

Or they could have issued an apology to their customers and hoped that it didn’t alter people’s opinions of the efficiency of the brand.

Instead, they decided to hold their hands straight up and try to use the faux pas to their advantage. Genius!

FYI the tagline on the bags were supposed to read, “ASOS discover fashion online” however the brand mistakenly wrote “onilne.” Whoops.

Fronting up to the error on social media ASOS wrote: “Ok, so we *may* have printed 17,000 bags with a typo. We’re calling it a limited edition.”

Because though some people will see the bag as nothing more than a typo-trash, for others the faux-pas makes it a genuine collector’s item worthy of a hugely inflated eBay listing.

Something that didn’t go unnoticed by Twitter users.

“Watch ebay go mad with people selling them for £1000’s,” one women tweeted to which ASOS replied: “Anyone would of thought we’d do this sort of thing on purpose.”

Why do we feel like they should have added a winky face emoji on the end of that tweet?

It’s hard not to wonder if it was a genuine error or in fact a genius marketing ploy all along.

Either way, social media was totally feeling the fashion giant’s response to the mishap.

“I love everything about this. If you make a mistake, own it,” one user wrote.

“I work in fashion as well….I think we’ve had our share of typos like “shite shirt” instead of “white shirt” another added.

While we’re yet to spot anyone sharing one of the ‘limited edition’ bags to social media, we’re planning on making a lunchtime order so that we’re in with a chance of landing our own collectors bag with our delivery.

Forget last season’s Ikea-style Balenciaga tote, we’re all about the ASOS typo shopper!

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