People are losing it over this TikToker's pronunciation of 'Caffè Nero'

Daniella Scott
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Photo credit: TikTok
Photo credit: TikTok

When American TikToker Reagen Yorke posted a TikTok reviewing Caffè Nero, she probably didn't expect the UK to react as it did, but as soon as she posted it, the video began doing the rounds on social media for the very unusual way she was pronouncing the name Caffè Nero.

The TikToker recently moved from Los Angeles to London and has been posting reviews and videos of UK coffee shops. This week she headed to Caffè Nero saying that she had heard it was the UK equivalent of Dunkin' Donuts.

She began the video saying, "Day two of reviewing UK coffee shops after moving from LA to London. Today I went with Caffè Nero - everyone keeps telling me this is basically the UK's version of Dunkin'."

But instead of saying 'Caffè Nero' the way you'd expect her to, she instead pronounced it as 'Caffè Naroo', and obviously it didn't take long for people to start wondering just what was going on...

One person commented, "NOT CAFE NAROO" while another said "Bestie, it's not too late to delete this," while others pointed out that Dunkin' Donuts does actually exist in the UK, "The UK's version of dunkin... is dunkin."

This isn't the first time Reagan's coffee shop reviews have caused a stir. In her first video she went to test out Costa Coffee, calling it "the Starbucks of the UK" and people were quick to point out that we also have Starbucks.

Then in her third and most recent video she told viewers that she had found the UK's only Starbucks... "Today I found out that there's only one Starbucks in the UK, so we drove and found it."

People were just as savage in the comments on this video too, with one person saying, "I beg you to bin off whoever you're getting your info from. One Starbucks in the UK, mate they're everywhere."

So, is she messing with us all?!

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