People Are Going Nuts Over This B&M Slushie Maker - And That's Summer Sorted!

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b and m slushie cocktail machine
PSA: B&M Is Selling A Cocktail Slushie MachineB&M/Getty

As soon as the sun comes out, all we can think about is an ice cold, delicious cocktail in our hand as we enjoy the rays.

And what's even better than an ice cold cocktail? A literally icy cocktail AKA a hard slushie.

It's childhood nostalgia (remember the Slush Puppie machines you'd see in shops) mixed with grown-up cocktails, and we're obsessed.

But how do you go about making one at home? Well, you could use a bog standard blender (but it's not quite the same as the Slush Puppie machine, is it?) OR you could use this epic Cocktail Slush Machine from B&M.

b and m slushie machine

The Slush Bar Cocktail Slush Machine comes with measurements on the jug to ensure you get the ice-to-cocktail ratio just right, as well as the option to make fine or coarse slushies.

Plus, it's just £35, which is a small price to pay for fun boozy slushies all summer long, right?

B&M posted an image of the machine on their Facebook page, and it's safe to say it was very well received. The post has already racked up almost 400 likes and over 1,000 comments.

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