People Are Furious That They Won’t Be Able To Serve Themselves At Toby Carvery When It Reopens

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: Toby Carvery

From Delish

With many restaurants and pubs reopening on 4 July, there are going to be a lot of new rules and regulations in place. It’s all about “the new normal” for the time being.

Toby Carvery is one of these restaurants reopening next week, but after it announced its plans to end all self-service for now, people have complained that being able to give yourself a shameful amount of roasties is the whole point of the chain.

Toby Carvery recently announced the changes to proceedings in a statement.

“We're delighted to say that guests will still be able to enjoy their favourite roast just the way they like it, but we will reopen our carvery deck with our chefs serving the roast meats, vegetables and accompaniments.

“Similarly, the famous Toby breakfast will be served for guests by our chefs in the same way.

“Tables and the space around the carvery deck will observe the safe distancing guidance and we will ensure rigorous standards of cleanliness with hand sanitiser stations throughout the restaurant.”

There was also a photo shared on Instagram explaining the new format, but many followers commented that they wouldn’t be coming back until things were back to normal and they were able to serve themselves.

You'll just have to make up your own minds.

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