People are furious that Pennsylvania police took a photo with the captured convict Danelo Cavalcante

  • People online were furious to learn the Pennsylvania police posed for a photo with the now-captured escaped inmate Wednesday.

  • Pennsylvania Police finally caught escaped convict Danelo Cavalcante Wednesday following a weekslong manhunt.

  • The police chief said Wednesday that he is "not bothered" by his force for accepting the photo-op.

Critics online are furious that the Pennsylvania police force that captured an escaped inmate in Chester County on Wednesday took a photo with the convicted killer following his capture.

Pennsylvania Police finally caught escapee Danelo Cavalcante Wednesday following a weekslong manhunt after a police dog caught the fugitive and bit him on the head, authorities said.

After they caught him, the police force posed for a photo with the prisoner, who is pictured with his head down while blood drips down his face wearing a Philadelphia Eagles sweatshirt.

When asked about the criticism of the police photo-op with Cavalcante, Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens said he was "aware" of the "photo-op taken out there" at a press conference following Wednesday's capture, but didn't appear to take issue with the conduct.

"Those men and women worked amazingly hard, through some very trying circumstances, they're proud of their work," Bivens told reporters Wednesday. "I'm not bothered at all by the fact that they took a photograph with him in custody. Again, they're proud of their work, they kept the community safe. I say thanks to them and good job."

But as the photo and video footage of the men and women posing made rounds online, critics pounced.

Two people posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, that they "cannot believe I have to explain why this is inappropriate," referring to the cops' behavior following the inmate's capture.

Another poster said taking a photo with the escapee was "wild" while another called it "truly embarrassing."

"Is this the new policy what the police do now take a selfie with the criminal ? God Bless," yet another X user posted on Wednesday.

Others commented on how proud the police looked to have captured the escaped inmate, but noted that they shouldn't be because of how long it took to get him back into custody.

"They finally got the killer and then took a selfie with him. Lmao the police are the biggest joke," one X user wrote.

Another said, "The police really posing Cavalcante for a team selfie like they won the super bowls after he clowned them for 2 weeks."

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