People can't stop talking about Kate Beckinsale's naked Oscars dress 🔥🔥🔥

It’s hard not to have a crush on Kate Beckinsale. And she has really upped the ante with her recent posts on Instagram.

'Next awards night moment with @eliesaabworld 💕💕 and our other favourite best supporting actor if you swipe all the way x 📷: @ronyalwin,' Kate captioned the photos of her wearing a see-through naked dress with pink feathers. Everyone is truly obsessed. The actress is super strong in the photos, which also features her adorable cat, as usual.

For the Vanity Fair afterparty, the star took it up a notch with another sultry, see-through dress, which showed off her totally toned legs. 'Boys night @vanityfair leg 💕,' Kate captioned the photos of her rocking a Tony Ward dress as she posed with her friend Vas J Morgan.

It should come as a surprise to no one that Kate puts in some serious work to stay so strong. She works up a sweat with trainer Brad Siskind, who works at celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson's gym. Kate told Women's Health US that she works out at least six mornings a week. And Kate isn't messing around. 'The whole hour is work,' he said.

The pair usually works through a set of compound exercises that work two muscles groups at once. So, think bicep curls combined with a squat, or crunches with a quick boxing combination thrown in.

When she's on-the-go and not at her usual gym, Kate says she loves to try out yoga and boxing. Kate, who does her own stunts in some of her action movies, says she's actually never been hurt while doing fight scenes. 'I think it's partially from practicing yoga,' she told WH.

She also has a trampoline in her kitchen to bounce on. 'It makes you feel kind of jolly!' she added.

Kate's relationship with fitness and wellness wasn't always super healthy, though. The actress said after being told to lose weight for a film early in her career, she struggled with her body image. 'Now exercise is almost more important to me mood wise,' Kate told WH. 'The other aspects feel like a great side effect.'

Keep crushing the workouts and red carpets, Kate!

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