People beg not to 'let that man name a child' after couple share unusual baby name list

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A couple have gone viral after sharing the baby names they won't be using - and one particularly unique name has left people gobsmacked.

Choosing a name for your newborn is one of the most significant decisions new parents will make. It's a thrilling process that can take years of thought for some, while others have had their hearts set on certain names from a young age. Some prefer traditional names, while others draw inspiration from their favourite celebrities or characters, and some aim for their child's name to be a one-of-a-kind in the playground.

Danielle Estrada, a popular online makeup artist, has been candid about her pregnancy journey on social media. She recently revealed on TikTok that she's expecting a baby girl and is favouring unique baby names. Danielle's followers expressed their joy that she's having a girl after she and her partner shared their list of boys' names.

According to people online, one name "sounds like an old man's name", while another is inspired by golf icon Tiger Woods - and one name has left viewers of her video laughing out loud.

First-time mum Danielle, from the US, said: "We are going to do our baby boy names that we're not going to be using. We're obviously having a girl so this can help you guys. The first name that I like on my list is Kai. I think Kai is such a cute little boy name but also works for when they are older."

She expressed her fondness for the name Conrad, citing its uniqueness and the fact that she doesn't know anyone else with that name. She also mentioned liking the more common name Leo, which she finds "adorable", and Luca, inspired by the Disney film of the same name.

Her partner, Spencer Gothberg, shared his favourite boy's name - Axel, which he believes is a "it's just a bada** name for a boy to play sports and stuff". A self-proclaimed "big golf fan", he also loves the name Woods.

Danielle couldn't help but laugh when Spencer revealed his love for the name Zorowar. He explained, "I just think it's super masculine and you could call him Z or Zoro." He also likes the unique name Crew, which he has "always liked".

He added: "Somebody name their child Axel Woods and then stitch this TikTok, because that's a bada** name." The couple were flooded with comments from people who were taken aback by the name Zorowar. One person commented, "Zorowar has me - very glad you're having a girl,". "Zorawar is a very meaningful Sikh name," another user pointed out.

Others chimed in with comments like "Zorowar had me dead," "Zorowar threw me off," and "Don't ever let this man name a child,". Regarding the name Axel, one person said: "Glad you're having a girl! Axel? Oh my gosh."

However, some users loved the names, with one saying: "I had all of those names on my list. I ended up with a Cannon and a Steel." One parent shared: "I was torn between Leo and Luca and ended up choosing Leo. He's our little lion! " Another penned: "Luca is my daughter's name, we call her Lulu," "Crew is my nephew's name," chimed in another.

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