People aren't happy about Emily Blunt's Irish accent in new trailer

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Photo credit: Youtube
Photo credit: Youtube

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We love Emily Blunt and her films. From Devil Wears Prada to A Quiet Place, the actress is an integral part of SO many of our favourite movies. But, er, her accent in new film Wild Mountain Thyme hasn't gone down that well, with fans questioning her attempt at playing someone Irish.

The actress stars in a new film opposite John Hamm and Jamie Dornan, as the daughter of an Irish farmer, who gets caught up in a family dispute between her childhood love and his American cousin.

We see her character, Rosemary, and Jamie Dornan's character Anthony falling in love throughout their adolescence, before his cousin Adam (John Hamm) turns up and tries to win Rosemary's affection.

Photo credit: youtube
Photo credit: youtube

To be fair, some people say the film looks alright, but others couldn't look past the accents on Twitter. "I am only managing about ten seconds of the Wild Mountain Thyme trailer per attempt and my thoughts and prayers are with all actual Irish people at this difficult time," one person wrote.

Another added, "The saddest part about the Wild Mountain Thyme trailer is that Jamie Dornan is an actual Irish person," while a third said, "Now we know how the French felt about Emily in Paris."

Others were less critical of the trailer, though, insisting it actually looks quite good. "Wild Mountain Thyme will be seen as a classic in years to come. haters gonna hate. But I am here for it."

Someone else said, "What do you think of the Irish accents in the trailer for the new film shot in Mayo? Personally I think they nailed it!!!"

Either way, we definitely want to watch this.

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