People are freaking out over the hotness of young Justin Trudeau

It’s no secret that the internet has a crush on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Even before the son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau made his bid for PM, he was making headlines (and was often the topic of memes and jokes) for his good looks.

He’s even been dubbed “PM Steal Yo’ Girl.”

Recently, the Internet uncovered old photos of Canada’s second youngest Prime Minister — and if Twitter had to be represented by one emoji, it would definitely be the heart eyes. Haven’t seen the photos yourself? Behold, young Trudeau, captioned by Twitter.

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While the PM’s charm hasn’t been lost on the Internet, the new photos have given Twitter a whole new kind of ammo to show their love for Trudeau in his younger years.

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Previously, Twitter users speculated that everyone from the Duchess of Cambridge, to Emma Watson, to Ivanka Trump, have fallen victim to JT’s Disney prince-esque looks.

The love seems to be spread worldwide — and with a global crush growing, some people are even considering relocating to Canada.

“OK, I’m sold! I so wanna move to Canada! Hubba Hubba,” one user wrote.

OK, we doubt she’s serious — but still. More than ever, the thirst is real.

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