Pence ignores Trump supporters ‘four more years’ chants at Georgia rally

Graeme Massie
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Pence ignores chants of four more years at Georgia rally as he distances himself from president (Getty Images)
Pence ignores chants of four more years at Georgia rally as he distances himself from president (Getty Images)

Mike Pence ignored chants of “four more years” from Donald Trump supporters at a Georgia rally.

The outgoing vice president joined Senator David Perdue for the event in Savannah as he insisted the White House was still “fighting until every legal vote is counted.”

Two recounts int eh state have confirmed Joe Biden’s win by almost 13,000 votes and election officials have already certified the result.

Mr Pence visited Georgia to support Mr Perdue in his run-off election against Jon Ossoff and Senator Kelly Loeffler in her race against Raphael Warnock.

He pumped his fist when the crowd at the event chanted “USA, USA” but he would not take part in the “Four more years” chant, which is a mainstay of the president’s MAGA rallies.

Rather than acknowledging the crowd Mr Pence remained unmoved by it and waited for it to end before carrying on with his speech.

Throughout the campaign Mr Trump used the chant as a rallying call and even egged on his supporters to change it to “12 more years.”

“I’m here because I stand with Donald Trump and I’m here because we stand with David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler,” said Mr Pence.

“And we will never stop fighting to make America great again,” Mr Pence continued.

“That’s why we need David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler back in the majority in the United States Senate.”

Mr Pence also tried to assure Georgians that despite Mr Trump’s claims of voter fraud it was safe for them to cast their ballots.

“We’re on them. We’re watching,” said Mr Pence as he urged supporters to not sit out the election.

“We can fight for our president and more Republicans in the Senate at the same time.”

Earlier in the day Mr Pence, and both Georgia senators, had failed to mention Mr Trump by name as they met with CDC officials.

The closest he came was referring several times to “our president”, while Mr Perdue praised “this administration.”

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