Penélope Cruz welcomes the spring season with new 'tiramisu' highlighted hair

penelope cruz tiramisu blonde highlights
Penélope Cruz debuts new 'tiramisu' highlightsBeatriz Velasco - Getty Images

As the UK, once again, unwillingly revels in the snow (you best believe I'm rolling my eyes), Penélope Cruz is bringing a much-appreciated warmth to our feeds with her freshly dyed 'tiramisu' hair. And yes, I knew the cake description would get you – truly, her locks look good enough to eat...

Accompanying our resident Berries and Cream ambassador, Lisa Rinna, Penélope took to France just yesterday to attend Paris Fashion Week and the Chanel runway show, no less. Now, while the Spanish actor looked as chic as ever donning a tweed, feather-embellished, blazer dress, our eyes were averted to her chest-length locks.

Admittedly, the following isn't a dramatic bleach-dyed bob chop à la Kourtney Kardashian but it's certainly a welcome change for the upcoming spring season transition. To compare, here's a look at Penélope's hair back in early October of 2022:

penelope cruz tiramisu blonde highlights
Beatriz Velasco - Getty Images

And these are her subtly blended caramel highlights as of 7 March 2023:

penelope cruz tiramisu blonde highlights
Stephane Cardinale - Getty Images
penelope cruz tiramisu blonde highlights
Pierre Suu - Getty Images

For this transformation, Penélope's hairstylist has opted to keep her natural mocha brunette tone through the root with the added warmth of honey blonde highlights through the ends. This makes for not only a stylish colour palette but a low maintenance 'do, too! A win-win, if you ask us.

Just add a bow (or two) and she'll be giving myself, and the cottagecore girlies, a run for our escapist fantasies. BRB while I run (to the hair salon) to recreate this lewk.

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