Peloton: US regulators issue safety warning over popular running machines

Jane McGuire
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Photo credit: Ethan Miller - Getty Images
Photo credit: Ethan Miller - Getty Images
  • US regulators have issued an 'urgent warning' to parents and pet owners about Peloton machines

  • Peloton has previously warned parents to keep children away from their equipment after the tragic death of a child.

  • Peloton has not disclosed what happened.

A US regulator has warned parents and pet owners that Peloton running machines pose a 'serious risk' in homes.

The Consumer Products Commission issued the 'urgent warning' following 39 incidents and one tragic death. Peloton running machines pose 'risks to children for abrasions, fractures and deaths,' they said. However the company claim the commission's warning was 'inaccurate.'

Previously, Peloton boss John Foley has said that children should stay away from the firm's machines, which have been extremely popular during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a letter written to customers, Foley wrote: 'We design and build all of our products with safety in mind. But in order to help ensure that you and your family members stay safe with Peloton products in your home, we need your help.

'Keep children and pets away from Peloton exercise equipment at all times. Before you begin a workout, double check to make sure that the space around your Peloton exercise equipment is clear.

'When you finish a workout on your Tread+, remove the safety key and store it out of reach of children and anyone else who should not be able to start the Tread+.'

Foley said the company did not plan on releasing any more information about the accident, in order to respect the privacy of those involved.

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