Peloton instructor Kendall Toole announces she’s leaving company after nearly five years

Peloton instructor Kendall Toole announces she’s leaving company (Getty Images)
Peloton instructor Kendall Toole announces she’s leaving company (Getty Images)

A beloved Peloton instructor has announced that she is leaving the company after working there for five years.

On Thursday, June 13, Kendall Toole took to Instagram to let her followers know that she would no longer be leading virtual classes for the fitness company. “It’s with great consideration and many, many, many hours of reflection, but I’m choosing to close my chapter at Peloton,” her clip began as she looked directly at the camera, before thanking the community who has become her “friends and family”.

“It’s been an absolute honor, especially to every single one of you Knockouts and NKO crew members for all of the fun and craziness and joy,” Toole said, mentioning her boxing and strength workouts in addition to her cycling classes.

“Thank you for riding with me, for sweating with me, for crying with me, for growing and evolving with me, and every single way we’ve committed to showing up for ourselves so we can show up for those around us in our life,” she continued. “And that kind of commitment to ourselves is truly spectacular.”

Toole also made sure to acknowledge both Peloton and everyone who took one of her classes, mentioning that she thanks them for “letting me into your homes, into your hearts, and in many times — I hope — into the shadowy parts of your mind where sometimes things can get a little tough.”

Despite no longer working at the company, Toole did want to let her followers know that they would still be able to see her on social media, and that she didn’t view the experience as a “goodbye.”

“Before we get too emotional, I don’t want you to think I’m saying goodbye. I’m not, this is just a shift,” Toole said. “I’ll be continuing to check in on social media and far beyond. This is more of a ‘I’ll see you on the next chapter’ kind of an energy.”

“Stay tuned for what’s next and I will see you in the next adventure,” she said. “Love you.”

After posting, many people took to the comments to express that they would miss her, but also wish her luck regarding her future endeavors.

“Kendall I will never forget taking one of your classes as a new Pelo member for the first time in 2019 and thinking ‘this is my kind of girl!!!’ It has been amazing to see you blossom on and off the bike, share your story and ride with you for all these years. I can’t wait to see what is next and will be cheering you on!!” one commenter gushed.

“I am so going to miss your classes, your inspiration and you,” another commenter echoed. “Good luck on the next adventure. I will be waiting to see what you’re up to.”

Fans were beginning to make assumptions regarding Toole’s departure when she posted on Instagram last week with a caption that discussed the process of moving on.

“Shedding a skin and removing an armour that no longer serves; you’re raw for a while. Tender for a time. Waiting til the wind of all that change doesn’t burn, eyes to stop watering at all the turns. Exhausted. Relentless,” the caption began.

“But, don’t ever forget: tender is transformed. A new thing. The next level. Uncharted waters & uninked pages. Wholeheartedly, unapologetically, enthusiastically, brand new. 61324.”