Pearl Jam guitarist predicts new album will drop in 2024

Pearl Jam have 'demos for days' credit:Bang Showbiz
Pearl Jam have 'demos for days' credit:Bang Showbiz

Pearl Jam fans might have to wait until 2024 for a new album.

The 'Alive' group recruited producer to the stars Andrew Watt - who has worked with everyone from Justin Bieber to Ozzy Osbourne - to oversee their follow-up to 2020's 'Gigaton' after he worked his magic on frontman Eddie Vedder's recent solo LP 'Earthling'.

And while the group have plenty of songs, they are in various stages, so it's likely they won't be ready to put out the record next year.

Speaking to Riff TV, guitarist Stone Gossard shared: “The plan is that we’re gonna do some more recording, and we’re gonna try to finish a record here pretty soon. There’s songs that are getting close to being done and there’s a bunch that aren’t. And we’re gonna do something here pretty soon.

“We’ve got demos for days. Everybody writes in the band, so now it’s really just trying to figure out what’s something different for us and what’s something exciting. And we’re working on that. I think we’ve got a good start on another record that will be hopefully good.”

As for when fans can expect the LP, he added: “I bet it’s gonna be 2024 before the record comes out, is my guess. But we’re working on it.”

Earlier this year, Eddie teased: "We'll make a record with Andrew, I believe. We've already talked about it.

"You know, the pandemic came right as we were leaving for a tour on the 'Gigaton' record.

"And we had a lot of shows planned.

"Then, in between, I think we'll be recording, because now we've got a healthy ambition to do so.

"I think we'll move quick for a year or two, then I can see us slowing down for a little bit.

"We have the ability to play better than ever, but also know what we want to maintain the health of the group and want to keep coming back."