These New Peanut Lion Bars Look Wild. Literally…

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Lion bars, IMHO, are one of the most understated chocolate bars out there. Why don’t people give this dreamy Nestle bar the respect it so rightfully deserves.

Anyway, rant over…

There’s a new Lion bar in town, and it sounds totally wild. Literally…

There’s now a peanut version of the iconic Nestle chocolate bar. The new Wild Peanut Lion Bar consists of crispy wafer filled with delicious caramel cream, coated in a mix of crispy biscuit and crunchy peanut pieces, dipped in creamy milk chocolate.

Now available in a multipack of five 30g bars (RRP £1.25), Wild Peanut Lion Bar are available exclusively in B&M Stores for the remainder of 2021, before launching in a range of retailers nationwide next year.

Photo credit: Nestle
Photo credit: Nestle

As well as this exciting new Nestle launch, we recently found out about the brand-new Orange Toffee Crisp.

The Orange Toffee Crisp is a zesty spin on the chewy treat, featuring smooth, orange-flavoured caramel and crispy cereal pieces, all encased in smooth milk chocolate.

Available in a multipack of four 31g bars (RRP £1), Orange Toffee Crisps will be available for a limited time only from value retailers including B&M Stores, Home Bargain, Iceland and Poundland.

Photo credit: Nestle
Photo credit: Nestle

Nestle’s Brand Manager Amy Kendall said: “Toffee Crisp and Lion Bar are classics for a reason. With a combined age of over 100 years old, they have been delighting chocolate lovers for generations. But we never want to rest on our laurels. That’s why we’re incredibly excited to be launching two brand new flavours this autumn – Orange Toffee Crisp and Wild Peanut Lion Bar.”

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