'Peaky Blinders' S6 Star Hints at an Extremely Bloody Ending

Tom Nicholson
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Photo credit: BBC
Photo credit: BBC

As the filming of the final season of Peaky Blinders continues in Bolton this week, you might have seen the big news about Cillian Murphy having a small puke on set. Of more import, though, is what Sophie Rundle, AKA Ada Thorne (née Shelby) has had to say about what's going on with her character and what's going to happen in season six.

"She's just cooler than ever," Rundle told Digital Spy. "I think that [creator] Steve [Knight] has said that this is going to be the last, so you can imagine – it's going to be all guns blazing. It's always, you know, really rock and roll."

"But it's the last series, [so] everyone's going to be really going for it. It feels exciting and sad. We're all really pleased that we're getting to make it and tell more of the story.

"But yeah, Ada's just as badass as ever. She always is."

Yes, we know what Rundle means. But given quite how trigger-happy the Peaky-verse has always been, the phrase 'all guns blazing' feels like quite a loaded way to describe the upcoming finale. Either way, the wild speculation on social media is, Rundle says, half of the fun.

"It is really, really lovely to be part of something that people really do care about and want to talk about. The conversation around it on social media – I really love it," Rundle said.

"I love that people are so enthusiastic, and they've embraced this world, and they feel really part of it. because it's been, what, six series now? So, yeah, I'm endlessly delighted by Steve Knight's writing. I think it's really brilliant and bold. I'll leave it up to him."

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