PEACOCK crashes into office building shattering glass and getting stuck in Venetian blinds

Office workers in western India got the fright of their lives recently when a disorientated peacock smashed through a window and became tangled in the Venetian blinds. Footage captured on August 20 in Pune showed shattered glass and feathers strews all over the office floor as the distressed bird flapped wildly with one leg caught in the blinds cord. Local animal expert Saidas Kusal freed the stricken creature and cradled it gently in his arms before taking it to a veterinary hospital run by Pune zoo. “The peacock took off from a big tree next to the building and flew into the glass accidentally," said Kusal. "I am surprised it was strong enough to break the tough glass. Luckily, it was not seriously injured and will recover quickly,” he added.