Paulina Porizkova Dons String Bikini, Lounges Poolside With Adorable Pup

Paulina Porizkova.<p>Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images</p>
Paulina Porizkova.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Paulina Porizkova shared a great bikini pic along with some even more incredible words of wisdom on Instagram on Friday. The 58-year-old model and author often uses her social media platforms to muse on topics like age and self-acceptance, and her most recent post took a similar tone.

Porizkova was pictured sitting poolside in an animal print string bikini, as she dangled her feet in the water and gazed off into the distance. She was bathed in incredible natural light, and she had an adorable, furry companion seated at her side: her pup, Ludwig, who curled up on a beach towel.

In her caption, Porizkova noted that before posting her own pic, she saw an Instagram image of a friend in her feed whose “body looked unbelievable.” Rather than fall into a comparison trap or think negatively about this individual, she noted that she complimented her friend internally and felt no envy.

“In the past, I would at first make the inevitable millisecond comparison, feel ashamed for not measuring up, and then deal with my shame and envy,” she wrote. “Which would manifest in either putting the woman down (in my head- not online!) or putting myself down. When we make comparisons, we also judge. Both are programmed into us and exacerbated by society.”

Porizkova shared that over the years she’s learned to shift her perspective to celebrate other women rather than tear herself down.

The legendary SI Swimsuit model made her debut in 1983, when she posed for Walter Iooss Jr. in Jamaica. She’s been featured in a total of 10 different SI Swimsuit issues, most recently in 2019, after she traveled to Kenya with Yu Tsai.

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