Paulina Porizkova on Being ‘Proud’ of Hip Replacement Scars

Paulina Porizkova.<p>Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images</p>
Paulina Porizkova.

Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images

After undergoing hip replacement surgery in late January, Paulina Porizkova is sharing her healing journey with her social media followers.

The 58-year-old model and author initially shared an Instagram update four days post-surgery on Jan. 29, when she indicated that she was walking on her own and noted that “even with the post-op pain, it’s less painful to walk” than before her operation. And on Feb. 1, Porizkova shared a meaningful message about her post-surgery scars.

“Going into this surgery, I couldn’t help but think about scars,” she wrote in her caption. “The ones I have, I embrace. But I have no desire to make new ones.”

In addition to close-up photos of each of her hip scars, Porizkova shared a mirror selfie in which she posed in an open pink robe, a pair of black undies on her lower half, as she proudly displayed her new scars.

“I know the incisions will soon become a part of me,” she added. “They will be a reminder of old pain and new victories. They will join all of the other inscriptions on my body and mind - both visible and invisible - all of which, ultimately, will be the glue that holds me together, a netting of past fractures which have healed stronger. They will become a part of what constitutes the map of me. And like all other scars on my outside and inside, I will accept them. I will be proud of them.”

Tons of Porizkova’s 1.1 million followers chimed in to the comments section with uplifting words.

“You will be surprised how well they heal! I had similar ones from a surgery and now a few years later you barely know they are there,” model-actress Amy Purdy shared. “Also scars tell such a beautiful story of your life! ❤️.”

“Scars are place markers that indicate moments in time,” a fan added. “They hold our stories. And you’re a great storyteller.”

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